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Take back control of your data

Effective project management and smooth collaboration rely fundamentally on the ability to handle an increasingly complex flow of information. 

Emails, Excel files, and other rigid formats are still used daily to manage essential business information. While this approach could be better, it is probably sustainable in a one-person project context. 

However, as soon as a few stakeholders are involved in a project, sharing ideas, objectives, status, and documentation requires dedicated tools.

At IOLAND, we believe the modern team's methods and tools should be more visual, intuitive, and dynamic.


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Be ready

In order to recommend the most appropriate solutions, we explore new tools,  we challenge our clients to understand their real needs and contest the way they are working. 

Our services

We provide you with any assistance in selecting and deploying tools for  

Project Management -  Team Management - Change Management - Workplace Management

Our clients

We are proud to provide our expertise and solutions to great teams active in a various fields of activities

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Our flagships products - Archibus

[] visual collaboration platform

The One workplace to store all your project-related information.

It's a map first

Studies show that the most frequent causes of project failure are:

  • Poor communication

  • No link to the strategy

  • Unclear objectives

  • Resources not available

  • Unclear requirements


Our first objective is to give you and your team members an intuitive and immediate understanding of the nature and status of the projects.

To do so, our solution is inspired by mind mapping. Our idea is to provide you with an up-to-date map of your project. 

Business Project Collaboration
Training Management
Incident Management
Objectives And Key Results
Contract Management


For most projects, we don't believe that extremely complex tools are useful. The official Gantt chart crafted by the single project manager the day before the kick-off meeting is usually abandoned the day after the same meeting. 

We have designed our solution so that the map is the backbone of the project shared, updated, and understood by all the stakeholders of the project.

Intelligence Workplace

We connect dynamic mindmaps and business information in a cloud-based environment.

Our mindmap is the table of contents for your business information.

Behind its intuitive mindmaps oriented interface,  [Perspective] uses a powerful database to store your information based on :

  • Existing templates​ :

    • ​​project
    • phase

    • tasks

    • contracts

    • etc

  • ​Your own self-defined business templates composed with our existing data-bricks 

    • text​

    • number

    • paragraph

    • date

    • links

    • file

    • formula


To make it great, we brought brand new technologies in the solution,  and only kept the best practice of current tools: 

  • A handful of Forms to store, completely custom information with all the details you need (progress, category, owner, deadline)

  • A dose of Spreadsheet influence to sum, count, order, graph your data

  • A bit of Facebook-like features, to let you and all your colleagues contribute

  • A slice of Team collaboration to let you record engaging videos and edit documents online.


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