Public Access to perspective

When a user visits the application without being logged, he gets access to resources available to guests.

The content of the layer public is available read-only for the guest user.

In order to access restricted content and/or create content public or private, a user needs to register in the application.

Registration process

In order to get authenticated access to the application, the users will have to:

  • sign for himself 

  • get invited by a registered user of the platform

The following schema illustrates what happens when a user registers:

  • Two options:

    • The user is either invited by an existing user

    • The user registers himself in the application

      • He uses a login password​

      • He logged into the app by using a third party application authentication like Google, for example.

  • In both cases, "Perspective" creates a non validated account and sends a confirmation email to the new user.​

  • The user validates his email address

  • The account is confirmed 

  • Perspective creates a personal layer for the new user.