What is a layer?

Perspective mindmaps allow to share information organized in a tree structure.

Any kind of information can be defined and share this way.

  • Companies

    • Departments

      • Employees

  • Projects

    • Phases

      • Actions

  • Clients

    • Projects

      • Tasks

and so on

You're able to share the information with people inside or outside your organization.

Access is conditioned by the layers to which the information is attached.

Example: When the project team of company X works on a project, they always use at least 2 layers.

  • The "internal" layer with all confidential information

  • The "suppliers" layer used to share information with the involved supplier team.

Thus, it is possible to share only what is useful to the stakeholder, in the right place, while keeping private what should remain private.

Create a layer

The most useful information to create a layer is the name

Then privileges are given to the layers

  • Who can write

  • Who can read

  • Who can manage the layer (give access)


Adding resources to a layer

You have the possibility to add any object to which you have access to a layer

Unless otherwise specified, when a parent object is attached to a layer, the children of that object are also attached to the layer.