Perspective: Mind your business!

Key concepts

What is a perspective?

Mindmaps allow the sharing of sets of information organized in a tree structure.




  • A map will materialize the whole company.

  • The company manages employees, executes missions, manages contracts,

  • all this data can be managed on a first level of the mindmap map.

  • Contracts contain important clauses and may be documented on the second level.

When the contract manager wants to find all the non-competition clauses, he can use a perspective to instantly obtain the company tree with its contracts and clauses.


A perspective is therefore a view containing data filtered according to different criteria such as the type of object (contracts, training) and certain characteristics (date, who is the creator of the object, language, etc.).

Creating a perspective

A perspective is simply the registration of a number of parameters and filters activated within the Perspective interface.